To position the company as a Circular Economy agent

Hi-Cone is the leading provider of sustainable multipackaging for the global beverage industry for both beer and soft drinks

Customer: HI-CONE

Sector: Packaging

Services: To position the company as a Circular Economy agent


In a public context where the perception of plastic in general and of can rings in particular is increasingly negative among the general public and in the face of the urgent global need to develop and implement more sustainable business models.

The objectives were:

To position the company as a Circular Economy agent promoting sustainable solutions for the industry.

To “connect” manufacturers and consumers.

Help consumers understand the term circular economy to increase participation and end plastic waste.

Promote through information and awareness raising in society to stop thinking of plastic as waste and start seeing it as a renewable (recyclable) resource.


Produce a report on the state of plastic recycling, comparative between countries, based on a real survey and with data on consumer recycling behaviour in Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom and Mexico.

We relied on an independent and prestigious company to carry out the survey. We chose YouGov, a reputable international firm specialising in research and data analysis.

A communication campaign was planned aimed at general, economic, regional and specialised media. Both B2C and B2B.

Design of an effective corporate story.

A successful transversal communication plan was carried out.


In one year the company went from being a total unknown in our country to being relevant and an agent involved in the sustainability and packaging sector.

More than 60 contacts with journalists updating information and following any related publication.

75 quality publications in the target media and 6 interviews with the CEO of the company in the main media.