Social Media

The 4th Annual Study on Social Media that IAB Spain, an association that represents the advertising, marketing and digital communication sector in Spain, concludes that in 2012 8 out of 10 Internet surfers used social media, 5% more than in 2011. This data proves that the world has changed, and communications even more so. We are connected to the Net and all surfers can now spread messages. At Abascal, we design and execute online communication strategies as part of an independent global communication plan, with the aim of interactively reaching all the target audience.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, among others, are essential social networks in our lives and they are the necessary platforms for reaching the target audience. We believe in this social change and in this new way of communicating, that is why we have an expert team that manages this. We develop the most suitable content and messages for our clients with the aim of making them viral in the digital environment and reaching the target audience. Likewise, with a strategic vision we develop and manage their online reputation.

  • Strategic analysis
  • Online strategy
  • Social Media
    • SMO. Social Media Optimization
    • SME. Social Media Strategy
    • SMM. Social Media Marketing
  • Online reputation management
  • Content marketing
  • SEO / SEM positioning
  • Blogging
  • Measurements
  • Monitoring
  • Meetings with bloggers
  • Meeting with twitterers

We know the media and the users! Can we help you?


  • Design and tactics
  • Coherence with offline communications
  • Messages
  • Content creation // Content marketing
  • Blogging
  • Fostering a dialogue in Social Media and the Web
  • Identification of the information flow

Social Media


  • Content advice and description of profiles, forums and groups
  • Management of contacts and profiles, as well as updates
  • SEO
  • Creation and updating of groups
  • Identification and participation in forums and debates of interest


  • Tweeting advice
  • Identification of sources, publication schedule
  • Management of followers, balance between the number of followers and people followed
  • Tools
  • Creation of lists


  • Definition of styles and posts
  • Management of fan pages


  • Design
  • Content definition
  • Video advice
  • Playlist creation
  • Management of dialogue and comments, plus spam
  •  Subscriber management


  • Redefinition of styles
  • Photo and video sharing

Pinterest / Flickr /Instagram

  • Decision on which one to use for sharing and sending photos of events


  • Localization help. SoLoMo is an increasingly very useful local marketing tool

We can also help you identify other social media according to your interest.

Online reputation

  • Consumer motivators and opinion leaders
  • Event management
  • Creation of user manuals and style books
  • Action protocols
  • Crisis prevention: detection of potential crisis situations, rumors and complaints that can be spread online. Creation of a crisis plan.



  • We help you define the content and name of blogs that help you with your brand. We have an expert group of editors to generate Content Marketing of Interest. Blog management: naming, publication schedule, tags, etc.


Going viral

  • Consumer motivators and opinion leaders
  • Meetings with bloggers
  • Event management
  • Visibility: generation of web and social media traffic


What is not measured cannot be assessed. The advantage of the Internet is that you can measure everything and  swiftly change the direction of your actions. We help you identify the KPIs and choose and manage the measuring tools. Programming and measuring are based on these tools, so we choose the best tools based on their actions for obtaining the appropriate measurement. Online communication is also technology and, as such, it changes rapidly.

We work, among others, with:

  • Google Analytics
    • Sprout Social
    • SocialBro
    • Social Mention
    • Radian6
    • Klout
      • HootSuite


  • SEO

Wikipedia. Creation and updating of profiles